The Masked Marikon


This lady is correct for many reasons. She is simply stating what we all have know for decades. We know that that these masks don’t protect you from anything. We are not building out immune system by staying away from people and wearing masks.

Federal law are being broken by denying services and entrance to facilities because of not wearing a mask. We are following absolutely retarded rules by restaurants of wearing a mask to walk to the table and then take of while sitting. We all know this doesnt do anything and if you beleive it does your are retarded.

Looking at the stats from 2018, 2019 and then 2020 you will notice the deaths have not gone up but something funny happened. The flu and a few other things diapered from the list and was replaced with Covid. Doesn’t anyone thing that suspicious that the number of people that normal died from the flu exacerbated their preexisting conditions just diapered?

It bothers me that adults have fallen for this hoax and have doubled down to try to force others to be as stupid as them. When this is over and it will be because we will not accept this as normal. All involved with this covid hoax and the enablers in the general public need to be jailed for life of executed because there is no forgiving this. This was a mental rape of the psyche on the people of the world.

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