The Masked Marikon

Clothing Accessories for the STUPID

It’s officially been one year since this nightmare physiological attack on the American people began. At first, people weren’t scared of the rebrand flu and when our mayors and governors saw this they began to lockdown states and cities illegally. What makes this worse is coward cops who swore oaths to the constitution enforced these edicts even though they weren’t laws and even if they were clearly violating the constitution.

People would wear these masks that don’t protect you from anything. It clearly states so on the box of these masks but the morons of society walk around lecturing others oblivious to the fact that they are so close to getting their asses kicked. The elites were laughing so hard at the maskholes that they decided to take it one further. They now created a cover for just the nose to address when people are eating and can’t wear a mask.

I pray that people take these nose covers and forcibly shove at least 20 of these things up the makers of asses so they are raped by their own product. Anyone who is pushing fear of this rebranded flue should be executed. Anyone who makes products to cater to the fearful and cowardly should be executed. Anyone shaming you because you are smart and not stupid like them who wear masks should received a bat to the head at most.

Start fight back people. Just yesterday an entire plane of passengers all stood up and got off a United Airlines flight for forcing parents of a 1 year old off the plane because the baby wouldn’t keep the mask on. These people and companies who force this mask nonsense must be punished. Start today and if you have information of any business who is forcing masks and refuse service please sending me their info and a description of what happened and pic if possible. Let’s make these fuckers famous.

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