The Masked Marikon

Death and Destruction Will Continue Unless We Shoot These Rioters

Are you sick of the death and destruction that takes place each time a leftists mayor or governor allows these savages to riot? You have these low IQ morons rioting for a criminal who resisted arrest when they were committing crimes. All these freak rioters are painting murals of this human garbage in shitty neighborhoods and destroying property. That is not a protest. This is the purge.

You can’t compare these idiots like George Floyd to someone who understands the constitution and stops a cop from doing something illegal. Black lives matter the organization founded by a phony Marxists lesbo is a fraud. She buys property with BLM money while the idiots are rioting.

Antifa is rioting because their parent didn’t whoop their asses when they were little. I say the people of these cities should literally hang their mayors, governors, and any other public servant that isn’t doing their jobs and supports this rioting. Everyone else who still takes their oath seriously needs to get the fire hoses ready and the guns loaded.

We can’t allow these fuckers to destroy without consequences. God bless the United States and our founding documents. Also, Don Lemon from CNN should be forced to have sex with women and then thrown in the middle of the Atlantic. Thank You : )

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