The Masked Marikon

Diversity is Death

The Romans found out the hard way that diversity is death to a civilized society. A 12-year-old child was stabbed in the neck by a mentally ill black guy or was he mentally ill? It could be the ideology of victimhood, black Theosophy, modern liberalism, or a combination of all of them. The bottom line is constitution-loving Americans when they see these freaks out committing crimes need to shoot them dead. Otherwise, they may or may not go to jail in which case they will get out and hurt or kill someone else.

It’s up to us to do our duty and take out the human garbage by protecting ourselves, innocent people and our private property. We will not allow Godless, entitled morons take what we have worked for and hurt our families and other innocent people. The time for knocking someone out for attempting to force a mask, a vaccine or even steal your money to give to lazy and entitled morons is now.

The cops better get on board as well. You swore an oath to uphold it. Stop following illegal orders and stop being fucking cowards to your bosses. Cops that follow illegal orders are just as bad as these criminals and it pains me to say it but it needs to be said. We need to open the mental institutions again to keep these freaks off the streets or lock and load.

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