The Masked Marikon

Cummala’s Step Daughter Gets a Major Modeling Contract

In what universe does Ella Emhoff get a Major Modeling Contract? In actuality the likelihood that this is a tranny is high. Regardless of man or women, this is an unfortunate looking person.

Hairy armpits with coke bottle glasses. I’m not saying that looks are everything but lets be honest this isn’t model material. Also, are we really to expect that “Ella” didn’t get a modeling contract because of the relationship with Cummala Harris? Just like when Chelsey Clinton got a received her mid six figure job right out of college had nothing to do with the fact that her mother was the Secretary of State.

This is an attempt to force hairy future cat ladies on us as models. Just like when the art community splashes shit on a canvas and calls it art. This is an attempt from the freak community to force ugliness and death culture on us and convince people to like it. Abstract art is just an excuse for bad artists to pass their crap off.

The other side of this is artists passing off ugliness and evil and beauty much like the Podesta brothers displayed with their artwork gallery of pedophilia and horror.

The bottom line is we need to reject these attempts of pushing foul and vile and disgusting things on the people to condition us to like and enjoy them. We will not reject God by giving into this filth.