The Masked Marikon

Emmy’s are Race Hustling Again

Fuck the Emmy’s. What is it going to take before people as a whole tell all these race pimps to go fuck themselves? First off the critics of the Emmy’s are full of shit and not telling the truth. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe the quality of the crap the “people of color” are putting out just isn’t good enough?

Apparently, I need to dumb it down for the woke morons. I’m a brown and red person and I’m telling the people of color that you are not special, you are not kings and queens. In Chicago where I lived for over 30 years black and brown neighborhoods were all filled with ignorance and death. That’s because low vibrating, ignorant people who believe everything is everyone else’s fault except them.

When you have a chip on your shoulder people don’t want to b around you much less help you. Back to the Emmys. Rupaul won more wards than everyone so what are you complaining about. A black homo cleaned up. I’m sick of people blaming white people for everything. Thank God for white people because otherwise, this world would look like MadMax.

Fuck the left and the woke. You people are cancer to the world.




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