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The Masked Marikon

Fauci Takes It Up The Ass

Tucker Carlson set it up and Rand Paul spikes it over the net knocking Fauci out like a bitch. Dr. Fauci has been involved in the most controversial medical events such as how to be botched the AIDS situation. First, he says we don’t need the masks then he says we do and now he’s saying the masks will never go away. This is ridiculous and defies logic.

People who want to wear masks can do so but if you try to force that on someone else including your kids you should be beaten with a bat because masks do not protect and actually harm you. Also, a pandemic doesn’t override my constitutional rights. I am excited when people just start storming stores, airports, etc, and demand service or we bring you down. These organizations will not threaten our livelihoods and stop us from exercising our rights to travel, eat, go to the dentist, or whatever.

Death to the masks and to the tyrants who try to enforce this.