The Masked Marikon

Feminists Are So Silly

Feminists are the silliest bitches, aren’t they? Someone how they don’t understand that if you don’t want a baby you don’t fuck. When you conceive a bay you have it and you don’t murder it like a whore. Also, it’s the women’s responsibility to have birth control if you decide to screw a guy.

Also, why are the loudest bitches talking about birth control and abortion women that no one would touch with a dead man’s dick? There is not enough beer in the world to screw one of these heffers. These women need to loosen up and get fit. Stop with the patriarchy bullshit and be agreeable and smile.

Men can be very nice to you if you don’t act like a bitch around us. You need to realize you need us and not the other way around. Like a virtual mentor of mine, Kevin Samuels always says. Women would die without men. We technically only need you to reproduce. Men could live out the rest of their natural lives without women. Let us both understand the playing field here.

Life would be so much better we both stuck to the roles God intended for us. Ladies if you support your man you would be amazed at what he will do for you and your kids.