The Masked Marikon

Human Garbage Killing Each Other

BLM and Antifa are just spoiled children of loser communists. These are human garbage. The problem when you give everyone a trophy or award just for showing up is you create a generation of useless morons who are entitled and don’t know how to survive. The same happens to animals when they are domesticated but at least the animal has its instincts that can be activated if it went into the wild again.

These same loser kids then grow up and get hired because of affirmative action and quotas. Companies need to meet their quota of useless morons in order for them to remain in the good graces of the communist members of the government that make it rain with grants and other payoffs. Shareholders of any of these “woke” companies should sue their boards of all of these companies by creating an environment where communists aren’t scared to death and feel welcomed.

When these losers aren’t working if they even get a job they go and invent fantasies that white people or anyone who disagrees with them are racists because these losers dont have hundreds of thousands or even millions in their bank accounts. I say its time for people to just say fuck you and if they get in your face you beat them until they go to the hospital. The block your street you run them over. They come to your house then you shoot them.

We didn’t want any of this but when you don’t work, you complain, do drugs all day, and push perverted shit on our kids we will fight back and you will end up filling the potholes across the United States. Communist is evil and all variants of it. We fought wars over it and we will continue to rid the earth of communists because they are cancer.