The Masked Marikon

Leftist Deliberate Sabotage of The United States

Am I the only one that finds it a coincidence that The gas pipelines in parts of the country are being “hacked” and people are experiencing a gas shortage? What about the cracked Memphis bridge that is a hub for barge traffic? This follows the mysterious blizzard that took down northern Texas a few months ago and the windmills stopped working stopping electricity in many houses. The houses that did have electricity received $15,000 monthly bills.

That crack looks more like a cut. It looks too nice to be a break from wear and tear.

What the fuck is going on here that no one thinks this is suspicious? This is a perfect storm that seems to be affecting primarily red states and counties. Can this be punishment for not giving in to the deep state bullshit that is Covid-19? People are not believing the nonsense, understand masks don’t work and hurt you. They also understand that the government can’t cancel the constitution for a phony pandemic.

We refused their lockdowns and we also refuse their fraudulently “elected president. Donald Trump was the rightfully elected president and people know it. This is why the audits are taking place and we will find out. Their fraud is being exposed and when it all comes out there needs to be a prison for some and executions for everyone else. We need for tyrants to see what happens to the ones that were caught. They need to see a firing squad shoot a traitor to death or a noose tightening around a traitor’s neck.

The banks need to never have power again. The constitution needs to be followed and fuck your feelings. People who are not God-fearing need to understand they exist in the world of God and his followers. You can live peacefully side by side but the moment you attempt to take God out of anything you will be dealt with. We are done with the pagans, the perverts, and certain child abusers.