The Masked Marikon

Loser Culture

All civilized societies have families with a father, mother, and kids. People want to work to earn a living, or start a business and take care of their families. They never would want to live off others unless it was absolutely the last resort.

In 2021 the culmination of the last 45 years comes to fruition where we promote loser lifestyles. We have created a class of people who feel that the world owes them an equal outcome instead of just the equal opportunity that they already have by being in The United States.

The umbrella that these loser lifestyles fall under are The Left. Are the alphabet groups that feel they are special instead of what they really are which is future mental institution guests. Lets take a look at all the bullshit the losers complain about instead of getting over it and bettering themselves.

  • People are racist and don’t like me (GET OVER IT)
  • They don’t like me because I’m gay (GET OVER IT AND YOU MADE THAT CHOICE. Now let’s gets you help for what happened to you as a child)
  • It’s not my fault I’m fat. (YES IT IS AND FIX IT OR FUCK OFF)
  • I’m one of the 75 made up genders that don’t exist (SHUT UP AND GET SOME HELP)
  • America stole our land (NO WE DIDN’T AND THANK GOD FOR THE FOUNDERS)
  • Anything else I missed (GET OVER IT AND FUCK YOU TOO)

Kids need to stop receiving participation trophies and get an ass whoppin if they are disrespectful. Women if they want equal rights you accept it across the board or get with the old program that we all know already works. Also when you cry we both know you have lost the argument.

Every culture and nationality has been a slave in history so get over it and stop bitching because this is what holds you back, not racism. Guess what homosexuals most people will not agree with your lifestyle and CAN’T be forced to like you. When you do this you create resentment.

All the stupid kids that had their asses kissed in their youth need to know that the world will eat you up because your parents failed you. The world owes you nothing. Stop blaming everything and everyone else for your failure. The person responsible for where you are is in the mirror.

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