The Masked Marikon

Mental Illness is Being Celebrated

We are being bombarded with things that we never would have imagined when we were kids. People will attempt to shame you because you’re are a caveman or not “progressive” but there is nothing progressive about this modernism. This is regressive and destructive to people everywhere.

People are ignoring basic truths and if we don’t accept this new poisonous ideology we are racists, homophobic and all this other nonsense. I’m done with this mental illness and most are as well. Here are some basic truths.

  • Feminism was created to destroy women and is a poison to well-being. See Poll
  • No one is born homosexual and this is learned behavior from so abuse. It serves no purpose in nature and is forbidden by God
  • People can’t switch genders even if you cut off your penis or have one sewn on
  • The nuclear family consists of a Father, mother, and kids
  • The man is the head of the household who leads the women and children
  • Pedophiles can’t be helped and must all be exterminated
  • The United States is the greatest country there ever was and will be
  • Donald Trump won his second term

You people better speak up and stop cowering. You have legal rights and need to exercise them. The constitution is the law of the land. Make people, companies, and government follow the law. A companies policies are overridden by the constitution. Tell anyone to gets in your face about wearing a mask to fuck off. You are not a “ist” or “phobic” because of your beliefs so stand strong.

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