The Masked Marikon

Only Morons Push for Increase to MINIMUM WAGE

Since I can remember you’ve always heard from this one group that complains about not getting paid enough. When I first started working I was 12. It was passing out flyers for a pizza place, mowing lawns, and stuff like that. Then when I turned 16 I started working as a clerk at Osco Drug Stores.

It was an entry level job for kids to get work experience. That what those jobs still are. They are low skill low wage earning jobs. This goes for working at any other retail, fast food, hardware store etc… These are not meant to be careers and certainly not meant to raise a family on unless you’re in management or higher.

When I hear these morons push for a $15.00 minimum wage or more pay to work during a phony pandemic I want to take a bat to their heads. HELLO MORONS IF YOU ACTUALLY GET WHAT YOU’RE ASKING FOR THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

  • The price of the service of goods will go up
  • The employer will lay people off
  • The employer may decide to just close down
  • The employer will decide to automate instead of paying someone like you with a bad attitude

Either way, you idiots will lose. You don’t deserve to be paid more for a low-skill job, period. To make more you need to have skills that people will pay more for. You are paid in proportion to the level of problem you can solve. You idiots should be ashamed of yourselves for even attempting this. The math doesn’t add up and you will lose in the end.

You moron liberals instead of coming up with a good idea and seeing it through to make a successful business or service or possibly learning a trade and having your own business with that you try to suck off the rest of us and expect to have a house and kids working at Walmart. Who are you people kidding? YOu don’t deserve it because you didn’t do the work regardless of your situation.

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