The Masked Marikon

Never Given to Evil/The Left

Someone please explain to me why anyone gives a shit about what Lebron James says? Why does anyone care what any celebrity says? These celebrities are dancing monkeys and nothing more. There are there to entertain not preach. Shut your fucking mouths celebrities and do what you do or get off the stage.

Athletes, just play the game because most of you are too stupid to have more than one thought in your heads. Actors you are just higher class porn actors so read your lines and go do your lines of coke and screwing everyone in sight. Here’s the real question though. Who’s dumber the celebrities saying this crap or the people who listen and believe this garbage?

The only way this madness ends is if the pendulum swings back so hard and further than we can imagine. It needs to knock the spit out of the mouths of each and every leftist that they never show their satanic faces in the light ever again. We must stand strong and put these freaks in their place. Losers are losers for a reason and don’t ruin anything. The world belongs to the winner mentality, not the losers. Send them back to hell.

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