The Masked Marikon

People Must go to Jail/Executed

Again today we are talking about the short-selling scandal that even those who dont know anything about stocks understand they should be outraged by. This quite simply is hedge-fund managers trying to kill selected companies and profit from. When the common man caught on and by listening to social media they bought the stock and sent the price to the sky. This fucked the hedge fund managers. They lost billions because the common man did what they do everyday.

Now the hedge-funds want bailouts, Robin Hood the fraud trading app stops people from buying these stocks and just allowed selling. This was a coordinated effort by the stock market to protect the house when someone was winning in the casino. The common guy did nothing wrong here.

People need to go to prison over this maybe even executed as an example of how the elites will not be immune from their mistakes and the common man will not bail them out. Anything less of this happening is not justice. The regular guy needs to see that elites face the same justice otherwise we will just need to do it according to our constitution and bill of rights.