The Masked Marikon

Phuck all teachers unions

I’ve always disliked unions for various reasons. They have turned into mafias for people who want to be paid above their skill level and to insulate them from the private market. You literally have to kill someone on video and then maybe you would be fired.

Teachers unions are the biggest pieces of shit there are. They pretend to care about kids as they use your kids as ransom pawns. Recently this scumbag teachers union was caught behaving like the entitled garbage they are on a zoom call.

I pray that people will begin to homeschool because they do not deserve our tax dollars. We should all be refunded for 2020 and end this practice of taxes for school districts. Its everyones own responsibility to educate your kids. Take the taxes you normally would have had stolen from you and apply it the way you see fit.

Fuck these public school and fuck the teachers union. To hell with the all. Take responsibility and educate your own kids and protect them from these Godless communists indoctrination camps known as public schools.

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