The Masked Marikon

Richard “Rachel” Levine Circus Star

At what point do people say enough? It’s one thing to say that these people have a right to be who they want to be. I agree, I think it’s sick ridiculous but they have a right. These people don’t have a right to force us to participate in their mental illness and certainly, don’t have a right to push this crap on other people.

This Dude Levine want to be able to force sex changes on kids without parent consent. These are kids. We dont allow them to buy alcohol but you going to allow them to get a sex change? This is wrong and child sexualization. This is grooming kids for sex and it’s wrong. Only stupid and evil people would get behind this bullshit agenda.

People who do this to their kids should be executed. People who enable people to do this to their kids should be executed. There are ONLY men and women. babies born with a penis are boys and vagina are girls. This is not hard and is nature. The truth has never been more dangerous to speak aloud.

They elites know people would never accept this which is precisely why they are threatening your livelihoods, freedom and then life if you dont accept this evil. We wanted to be left alone but the left wouldn’t because they know they would die without us. They cant be reasoned with and they only thing they understand is force.

To the left and the elites. Leave the United States alone and stop pushing your evil here otherwise we will kill you all. We don’t want this but you will not enslave us and take our kids.