The Masked Marikon

Sodomites Admit They Want Your Kids

Sodomites Admit They Want Your Kids. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. You can screw whomever you want but stop flaunting it in regular people’s faces. You certainly don’t come after our children. You were not born this way. You were abused as a child and this is how it manifested. This is a mental illness and you need help not encouragement. This would be like giving an alcoholic a drink.

There is clearly a connection between this behavior and child molestation. Christians have been saying this for years and harassed for it. Now, these homosexuals are finally admitting it and when we show outrage you have the nerve to waste police time?

No one should be bashed for your lifestyle unless you are trying to indoctrinate and grooming our kids. If you people pursue this you will have a war on your hands that no police will be able to protect you from. There used to be a thing called shame that was necessary for our society to keep demons at bay. We need to return to the path or at least try to get back there, but allowing this Sodom and Gomorrah crap put in the open is madness.

We are all sinners and need to stop offending God with this nonsense. Real families that have a father, mother, and kids don’t want to see this promoted because it isn’t normal. These mentally ill people represent 2-3% of the world’s population. We are not adapting to them. You adapt and live in our civil society.