The Masked Marikon

The Elites are Demonic Homosexuals

The elite homosexuals really think the population is stupid. I remember growing up listing to heavy metal and there was the satanic panic. Why does there no panic today? The music industry has never been more in your face with this satanism and perversion. They have videos of them with satanic symbology and sex everywhere.

This Lil Nas video shows this guy falling to hell and having sex with the devil himself. What message is this sending to his fan and the poor kids that are listening to him? Any parent who loves their kids better stop being your kid’s friend and be a parent. Stop allowing your kids to listen and watch this poison.

People need to get back to God and his son Jesus. We are humans and not perfect but we must try and stop this nonsense. These “artists” have sold their souls and are trying to recruit new ones through their evil art. I pray that everyone rejects this nonsense and gets themselves and their kids back to God. Non of us is perfect like I said earlier but we have to try.

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