The Masked Marikon

The Masked Marikon is Here

In a world where I didn’t think political correctness could get worse, we live in a time where men think they can be women and vice versa. We have people trying to convince the world that pedophilia is a sexual preference instead of a sickness that requires immediate execution.

People have it so good that they find thing to be offended by and even try to ruin you life and livelihood because of you simply not agreeing with them. Somehow you’re evil and a “nazi” for believing in God and believing in the nuclear family like God intended.

The communists disguised as the democrat party make brown and black people believe they are victims and then find groups of people even dumber to make up new victim groups.

We finally get a president that doesn’t have to kiss elitist ass and the vilify him. Despite the nonsense he still manages to accomplish more than every other president since Andrew Jackson. The democrats and Rinos know they can beat Trump fairly so whats next?

In 2020 the globalists rebrand the common cold/flu as this deadly plague that will kill everyone like a zombie virus. They tell everyone they cant work, worship or even see their family but strip joints, abortion centers and big chains are open with no problem.

Im done with the bullshit and I need to say what I need to say the way it needs to be said. Let’s get started.