The Masked Marikon

The Perverts Must be Stopped

At what point are people with families going to say enough is enough? Have parents been so neutered and are that that scared that they wont protect their kids from these freaks? These perverts are mentally ill. There were abused as kids and it made them part of the gay mafia and Ku Klux trans. Put your foot down and protect your kids and your communities.

There is a reason this has always been frowned upon. It’s because it’s not natural and damages families and society. There is nothing bigoted about the truth. We should feel sorry for these people and get them to help instead of patronizing them. You wouldn’t give a drug addict or alcoholic their own show or awards let alone give a child to them but this is exactly what we do with homosexuals despite the overwhelming number of grooming and abuse they perpetrate on kids.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to defend your kids and your community or are you going to allow the satanic sodomites to take over like how zombies destroy civilizations in movies? All it takes is one person to stand up and others will follow because they will realize you are not alone. Say NO!