The Masked Marikon

Why Won’t the RacePimps Just Die?

Every day I wake up and I say to myself at some point in the day “people can’t possibly get more retarded”. Each day I am proven wrong. Today’s example is a stupid white liberal teacher bitching and moaning about how bandaids are racists because they most resemble white peoples skin.

All I can say to this is SHUT THE FUCK UP LADY! Im sick of the retards of the world just like this women who are too stupid and have too good of a life that they can complain about absolute nonsense. Guess what lady it isn’t against the law to be a racists as long as you don’t physically hurt someone else. Those people still have a right to make a living and live their lives i peace.

People who want to cancel others because they don’t agree with them or realize that person doesn’t give a shit what they think are cunts. People who believe in cancel culture and participate in it are the human garbage of the wirld and should be killed because you can’t rehab this level of mental illness. Its’ like a rabid dog. It can’t be helped and will only cause trouble and destruction so it must be put down.

You people who want your lives back need to act now. Start shouting back at these people. If they try to swing at you then you take them out and put them in the hospital. If they try canceling you turn it around and make them regret they ever messed with you. It’s time to fight fire with fire and the might of a thousand armies and bury these liberal freaks so they never stand again.

You must follow through if you love you kids and yourself.

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