The Masked Marikon

Anti Mask is Pro Freedom

Every day more and more people are starting to fight back vocally and visibly against this mask nonsense. To anyone who is paying attention and has enough common sense that fits on a molecule of toilet paper understands that wearing a mask doesn’t help you but hurts you. In addition, it can’t be forced upon anyone to travel freely in The United States.

Public servants, teachers, and others are speaking up against the masks and they are being retaliated against by being suspended or fired. I pray these people sue and win because your livelihood shouldn’t be taken away because you refuse to comply with illegal bullshit. Unless Trump comes back or the military steps in soon I fear that you will see people who are trying to force masks on you laying on the streets and on the floors of stores dead.

People will not be told to comply with something that will harm them and is not enforceable. You can not stop me from going to stores or restaurants or anywhere if I don’t wear a mask. When did it become extreme to exercise your rights and go all the way to do it? This is what the founders did and just because many people are pussys or communists doesn’t mean our rights are null and void.

“They” are really trying to start a civil war that patriots do not want but if we are forced into it we will be on the right side of history and righteous. You traitors have no authority here and we will send you to hell sooner or you can repent.