The Masked Marikon

Masks Don’t Protect Anyone and Covid is Just the Flu

Back in January of 2020 every doctor I knew said that Covid-19 was just another strain of the flu. They knew this back then and people were still stupid enough to fall for the lies and propaganda. People wore masks everywhere and could not wait for a poisonous vaccine to jam into their bodies.

Doctors have been outspoken about this covid nonsense since the beginning and the media has done its best to silence these doctors. Why? Well if you heard just as many doctors say that covid was just the flu do you think there would have been as much panic? Of course not. Additionally, before the media kicked the fear-mongering up to high gear no one cared about covid-19.


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People were out and about and doing just fine. When the state and local governments realized the propaganda wasn’t working they then invented these “mandates” which aren’t laws and forced them on people. Governments don’t have the authority to force any of this nonsense on you and threaten your freedom or livelihoods. businesses don’t have the authority to force this on you as well because they are public commons. Private property laws don’t apply the same way to businesses the way they would on someone’s home or farm.


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“Now that more and more people are say fuck you to the government and stores with these masks and vaccine threats the deep state is trying to fight back by suggesting employers should fire unvaccinated people. Fauci himself knows the mask is a bunch of bullshit and only wears it for the camera. These vaccines aren’t even FDA approved which doesn’t mean that much to most but if they don’t approve it only means to me that they don’t want to be held accountable as well.”

The Masked Marikon

People from all forms of life are starting to warn you that we are the guinae pigs for this vaccine. People are sick of this and I pray there is another nuremberg trials to execute everyone who has participated in this greatest scam on the people since 9/11/2001. Death t the traitors.