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Parents! Get Your Kids Out of Schools

Parents, at what point are you going to take responsibility for your kids? Show them that you love them and care about their future by teaching them yourselves. When you send your kids to public school you might as well be sending them to a building filled with adults that will groom them for sex and torture their little minds with evil. That’s exactly what’s happening now and what has been happening for the past 100 years.

In addition to this the lazy peice of shit teachers unions want to get paid but don’t want to work. All over fear from a phony pandemic. Regardless of what you think get your heads out of your asses and realize the flu is more lethal that Covid-19 aka Kung flu. You are paying taxes for these schools and are getting a worse education for your kids virtually. It was horrible in person but this is a crime against our kids.

Demand we stop paying these school taxes for shit services. Take your kids out now and teach them yourselves unless you want you kids to become disrespectful and possible start fucking by the time they are 10. They may also try to lecture you about “global warming” and tell you they decided to change genders. You better do something quick to save your kids lives otherwise you’re turning them over to the pedophiles and communists. Think I’m being hyperbolic? have you ever known a time with the chaos we see now with the levels of sexual perversion and confusion, suicides, no respect for life, and offending the one and true God.

Save your kids!

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